Need Help?

Q How do know if there is a document link?
A First look for visible hyperlinks. These are usually easy to identify because the hyperlink is usually blue underlined text

You can also keep an eye on the mouse pointer. When it turns into a "pointing hand" you have discovered a "hyperlink." If you hold the mouse pointer over the "link" for a few seconds, you may also see a help window "pop-up" giving you additional information on the link. These files offer both types of hyperlinks. Almost every button is linked to some additional information. Hyperlinks are also used on other graphics also, such as some columns of information. To determine if the graphic has hidden hyperlinks, just move the mouse pointer over the graphic and watch for the "pointing hand."

Q Who can see my information?
A Only the dealer or the dealer's authorized representatives have access to the dealer's business information. Dimension One Spas, Inc. will create a secure dealer B2B website and the dealer controls access by the dealer's employees.
Q How do I use the Parts and Accessories area?
A Click on the Dealer Parts and Accessories menu item to access this area. You can use it to order parts and accessories, review current or past orders, use an old order to "reorder" those items with a simple mouse click, monitor order shipments, review open invoices, and even get current online statements. Additionally, most of these items have individuals hyperlinks to additional information. Parts and accessories items may be linked to pictures of the item or data on where the item is used.
Q How do I use the Service area?
A Click on the Dealer Customer Service menu item to access this area. You can use this area to manage your spa repair calls, assign technicians to specific calls, monitor service call status, obtain a listing of common replacements the spa on the service call, manage your technician list, open or close service calls, download each technician's service calls to the technician's D1 PDA and upload completed call data directly from the technician's D1 PDA.
Q What is the PDA for?
A The D1 Personal Data Assistant (PDA) can be used as a Service Call aid. A technician can link the PDA to the Service Call area at the Dealer's B2B website and transfer all pertinent information regarding the customer, the spa's call history, identified problem, and a listing of common consumable parts for that spa from the website to the PDA. When the call has been completed, the call can be closed on the PDA and later uploaded to the website when the PDA is again linked to the website. The software on the website will automatically use the call information to update the spa call history, and the dealer's parts inventory. Additionally, on some of the newer spas, the PDA might be used to communicate directly with the spa to retrieve troubleshooting information.
Q Can I order a spa online?
A Yes. Ordering a spa online is very simple. Just click on the Spas tab in the Dealer B2B website and review a display of available models. Double-click on the model you want to order and an order form pops-up so you can configure the spa with your custom options. Currently, all spa models, except, the Aquatic Fitness System (AFS) swim spas, can be ordered online.
Q Can I check on the status of my order after hours?
A Yes, the Order Tracking section provides details on each of your orders and can tell you the shipping status of each - including any items that may have been backordered.