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  Business Process Analysis
Senior Technical Writer

The City of San Diego Water Department and Wastewater Facilities Division created a new Help Desk Solution using a customized version of Peregrine's Help Desk Software.

Due to the customization it was necessary to create a whole new Help Desk Policy and Procedure Manual to guide the Help Desk Staff in providing client services. The following samples are excerpts from this manual:

  1. Help Desk P&P TOC
  2. Help Desk P&P Chapter 1 - Getting Started
  3. Help Desk P&P Chapter 2 - Initiating / Resolving Call Tickets
  4. Help Desk P&P Chapter 3 - Initiating / Resolving Problem Taickets
  5. Help Desk P&P Index

Each of the chapters begins with a process flow diagram showing the workflow and decision points covered within the chapter. The Table of Contents and Index documents show the depth of coverage and details provided in this document.

Additionally, the City of San Diego used SAP as their Enterprise Software. SAP offers a Project Management Module. I was tasked with writing a User Guide to help the Administrative Assistants learn how to open and manage projects in SAP to alleviate the Project Managers of these administrative tasks.