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Senior Technical Writer
Instructional Designer


Automatic Response Technologies

1150 Calle Cordillera Suite B, San Clemente, CA 92673
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  Business Process Analysis
& Risk Analysis

Automatiac Response Technologies (ART) offers a Connection Marketing System to provide a profitable, powerful way to automate customer Lead Generation and Client Nurturing, creating a never-ending circle of new, repeat, and referral business.

I was asked to create an "as-built" document detailing their IT Department, Network, Servers, Applications being used, and client/staff workflow. A part of this process was the development of a "risk analysis" document to discover points of possible failure or increased risk.

For example,a "web plug-in" could be a future risk-point if the developer failed to support it, or if newer versions were unavailable that would be compatible with future ART web enhancements.

A sample analysis document shows the process steps involved in monitoring call activity:

Many other documents and process flowcharts were created during this project. However, they cannot be shared due to their proprietary nature.