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This company is no longer in business.



  Instructional Designer
Courseware Developer

AETECH (Ada Environments and Technologies) was a small Southern California company that provided Ada language compilers, development environments, tools, and libraries for the PC.

In addition to the development tools for Ada programmers, AETECH also provided educational materials for college professors, DoD instructors, and even created a self-paced Ada educational program for the PC.Occassionally, AETECH's staff would conduct Ada language classes for DoD programmers.

AETECH also won a contract to develop a course to teach USAF personnel how to use Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. I developed, and taught, this 40-hour class for the USAF. The course included an introduction to Windows and each of the products in the Office Suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Database (now Access). The course taught how to use each product, but also how to use OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) to link the products together so that a change to an Excel spreadsheet would automatically update the Word report filethat had that data linked to it. I taught the first two introductory classes and the post-course critique sheets placed this course in the top 2% of all USAF training.

The Ada courses that were created are:

  • LearnAda User Manual
  • Ada Instructor Courseware Manual
  • "On-Line" Training & Reference User Manual

The non-Ada courses that were created are:

  • Microsoft Windows for WorkGroups
  • Microsoft Office