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This company is no longer in business.



  Senior Technical Writer

AETECH (Ada Environments and Technologies) was a small Southern California company that provided Ada language compilers, development environments, tools, and libraries for the PC. The primary market for these PC-based tools was DoD, Defense Contractors, and colleges/universities that trained the Ada programmers that would use these tools to build products like complex weapons systems, the B1 bomber, and the Space Lab.

A few of the documents that were created are:

  • IntegrAda User Manuals (4 volumes)
  • IntegrAda/DOS User Manuals (4 volumes)
  • IntegrAda/386 User Manuals (4 volumes)
  • IntegrAda/POSIX User Manuals (3 volumes)
  • XAda User Manuals (3 volumes)
  • AdaData User Manual
  • AdaGraphics User Manual
  • AdaGraphics for Windows User Manual
  • AdaUser Libraries for Alsys User Manual
  • AdaGraphics Libraries for Alsys User Manual
  • LearnAda User Manual
  • Ada Instructor Courseware Manual
  • Visual Ada for Windows User Manual
  • IntegrAda for Windows User Manuals (3 volumes)
  • Janus/Ada Workstation Environment Manual
  • ActivAda for Windows User Manual
  • Assembler User Manual
  • Assembler/386 User Manual
  • Ada Software Development Toolset User Manual
  • Ada Software Development Toolset/386 User Manual
  • "On-Line" Training & Reference User Manual
  • HyperARM User Manual
  • Ada Workstation Environment for Alsys User Manual
  • Ada Workstation Environment for Telesoft User Manual
  • AdaEdit User Manual
  • AdaScope Debugger User Manual
  • Embedded Systems Toolset User Manuals (4 volumes)
  • Motif/Ada User Manual